Ray Kass

Artist & Founder — Mt Lake Workshop


Kept among the Virginia mountain wilderness, the Mountain Lake Workshop is a collaborative, community-based art project drawing on the customs, environmental and technological resources of the New River Valley and the Appalachian region.

All of the works produced in the Mountain Lake Workshop are the result of collaborative efforts between guest artists and members of the artistic, academic, student, and local community in the Appalachian region around Mountain Lake in Pembroke, southwest Virginia. The Mountain Lake Workshop is a testimony to the high level of aesthetic achievement that can be reached when people, motivated by a common interest, come together in collaborative undertaking. The spirit of collaboration that has permeated the workshop has been nurtured by the belief that a genuine art and culture can develop from any situation in which there are shared experiences. This is especially so if these experiences are rooted in place and locale — namely, the physical, historic, and psychic spaces in which people live and work. These efforts, which began in 1983, are still an on-going project series.

Works produced at the Mountain Lake Workshop are in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art (NYC)The Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC)The Menil Collection (Houston)The Phillips Collection (Washington D.C.)The Sackler Gallery of the Freer (Washington D.C.)The Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsThe Taubman Museum of Art, and many other museums throughout North America and abroad.

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