Ray Kass

Artist & Founder — Mt Lake Workshop


Trays and Tondos

ZONE: Chelsea, Center for the Arts, NYC (October 13, 2005 – November 12, 2005)



ZONE:Chelsea, Center for the Arts is pleased to present an exhibition of more than 200 works by artist Ray Kass. Titled "Trays and Tondos," it explores an expanded visual sensibility inspired by nature while also contextualizing elements of the artist's studio practice. The works included in this exhibition highlight a large assemblage of aluminum trays containing residual patterns of dried watercolor paint that Kass utilized in creating an ongoing series of multi-paneled "tondo” paintings. The tondos, which are installed to cover an entire wall, are multi-paneled, rectangular paintings visually "anchored" by a circular "tondo" image.

Exhibition Reviews

Goodman, Jonathan. “Ray Kass at Zone: Chelsea” Art in America, February, 2006

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